Allow me to introduce myself, I am originally from the enchanting mountains of North Carolina. As a dedicated professional in the beauty industry, I bring an unwavering passion and commitment to my craft. Although there are countless ways to describe me, I’ll keep it concise and clear.

From a young age, I discovered an immense adoration for the world of beauty. To refine my skills, I pursued my education at the renowned Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Eventually, my journey led me to the vibrant city of Charleston. With more than seven years of experience, I have diligently honed my expertise in various domains, specializing in hair cutting, particularly pixie cuts, as well as excelling in color corrections, balayage, highlights, blondes, keratin treatments, and true passion for hair extensions.

I am genuinely thrilled to meet each and every one of you and embark on exciting hair experiences together. Your satisfaction and delight are of the utmost importance to me, and I eagerly anticipate using my skills and creativity to enhance and showcase your unique beauty.

Coming Soon to Park Circle Mixson!

Look out for our newest location at 4338 McCarthy St., North Charleston 29405