Ethan Ginn



“Hair is my passion; I’m absolutely obsessed with it. From coloring to cutting and up-styling, I adore every aspect of the craft. Making people feel happy and confident is my ultimate goal. There’s no greater feeling than stepping out with fabulous hair and feeling like a total badass!”

From a young age, Ethan’s fascination with hair was undeniable. “Whenever I had the opportunity to play with hair, I eagerly seized it! I remember sitting behind my mom, experimenting with her long blonde locks while she watched soap operas.” In middle school, he found himself doing hair for his first wedding, and by high school, he was creating hairstyles for proms. Self-driven and determined, he taught himself the art of coloring and cutting hair. It became clear to him that becoming a hairdresser was his true calling.

Recognizing the importance of receiving the best education, Ethan made the decision to attend Paul Mitchell the School. After graduating and obtaining his license, he embarked on a two-year training program under the guidance of our creative director, Ralph Roina. Continuously seeking growth and knowledge, Ethan regularly travels to New York City to train at the esteemed L’Oréal Professionnel’s SoHo academy. His dedication has led him to become an L’Oréal Color Expert, and it shows through his exceptional color formulations. Ethan believes that dimension is key in hair color and considers it his favorite element, whether it’s creating monochromatic elegance or high-contrast transformations. He understands that dimension can make the biggest difference in enhancing one’s appearance.

With his unwavering commitment to excellence and continual pursuit of knowledge, Ethan brings his expertise and creativity to every client he serves. He thrives on creating personalized, stunning hair transformations that leave a lasting impression.